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Travel with Kilian Set

Travel Spray with 4 refills 7.5ml
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  • Fragrance Notes & Description
    Royal Leather, Mayfair
    An homage to British heritage and the emblematic uniforms of the British guard, Royal Leather is leather liquidized. Warm and strong, the opening surprises with a mix of hawthorn and black tea accord, balanced by layers of soft, powdery heliotrope flower. Leather accord at the heart is the main attraction, whose animalic quality is the perfect complement to oud from Laos and patchouli from Indonesia on the drydown, giving the fragrance dark appeal.

    Key notes: Hawthorn, Black Tea, Leather
    Olfactive Family: Smokes
    Perfumer: Fabrice Pellegrin

    Noir Aphrodisiaque, Paris
    A chocolate overdose spiked with jasmine from India and luminous cedrat from Italy gives Noir Aphrodisiaque its sensual, aphrodisiac quality. Italian bergamot sprinkled with warm cinnamon drives the opening, melting into the heart, cocoa absolute, jasmine and cypriol dispel inhibition. In a state of total surrender, a warm ambery syrup of Indonesian patchouli, Australian sandalwood, tonka bean and tolu balm spills over with rapturous indulgence.

    Key notes: Chocolate, Jasmine, Cedrat
    Olfactive Family: Narcotics
    Perfumer: Calice Becker

    Lemon in zest, Lugano
    Yellow and bright in dimension, Lemon in zest is addictive and citrus-drenched, evoking the popular Italian liquor Limoncello. The lemon’s almost sour skin is palatable with a splash of freshness from sweet and juicy zest of lemon. Warmth deepens in the heart of the fragrance, where sensual vanilla accord blends with orange brandy. Addictive vetiver and powerful patchouli define the drydown of this refreshing scent.

    Key notes: Vanilla, Vetiver, LemonOlfactive Family: Fresh Perfumer: Alberto Morillas

    Apple Brandy, New York
    In the heart of a dense forest, the thick smokiness of scented wood is reminiscent of oak barrels that keep delicate distilled Cognac from spoil–a deepening amber-colored liquid matures day by day.
    A heady combination of rum and manzanate entices the senses at the opening. Apple Brandy is ‘the liquor of the woods’, one might imagine tapping from enchanted trees in myth-based lore. One of Kilian’s most personal creations–the syrup-laden smell of alcohol is a fond childhood memory, perfectly recreated with vanilla and labdanum, punctuating the distinctive personality of the fragrance.

    Key notes: Vanilla, LabdanumOlfactive Family: Cellars Perfumer: Sidonie Lancesseur
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