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Black Phantom - "Memento Mori" Body Lotion

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  • Fragrance Notes & Description
    Enriched in shea butter, the hydrating body lotion is the second layer of your perfuming ritual.The fragrance is true to itself and, when shower gel, body lotion and perfume are used in a three-part layering ritual, the perfume trail is profound, prolonged and absolutely pitch perfect.

    The scent of Black Phantom “MEMENTO MORI” reveals its hidden treasures to the curious nose in waves. Rum accord from Martinique, akin to ‘pirates water’, spikes the scent of strong coffee at its heart, balanced by vetiver essence. A deadly bite of cyanide accord hides menacingly, like the smile from death itself. Smile back as sugar cane and dark, creamy sandalwood assures a trying journey holds a sweet reward.

    Key notes : Rum, Coffee, cyanide
    Gourmand Woodsy Harmony

    PERFUMER: Sidonie Lancesseur
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